used tank and dracccum disposal

Residential Heating Fuel Tanks Removed – Whether your heating tanks are above or below the ground, when you need them removed, turn to Independent Waste Oil, to remove your old fuel tanks. We’ll test the soil for contaminants and at the option of the homeowner, we can provide excavation and remediation of any contaminated area.

  • Oil Drums and Tanks Removed
  • Soil Tested
  • Remediation & excavation
  • Any soil removed is properly disposed of, according to EPA / DEP guidelines.
  • We’ll replace any contaminated soil with clean soil.
  • Upon completion, you’ll receive a certification that the area is free of contaminants.

Proper Steps in Residential Oil Tank Removal:

  • Permitting.
  • Underground Utilities – must clearly mark and identify all underground utilities, for everyone’s protection.
  • Oil Tank Cleaning – remove any and all old oil, fuel, sludge, or other contaminants, since abandoned tanks may rupture easily.
  • Site Assessment – this is done to determine if there has been any contamination which may require additional excavation to remove all harmful substances, that could potentially harm wells and groundwater in your area.
  • Backfill – all voids in the ground will be backfilled with certified fill dirt and the area will be leveled out.
  • Certification – once the work is completed, you will receive a certificate of completion. In this manner, you will now be able to show any potential future buyer, a clean bill of health, as related to the oil tank removal and remediation.

Used tank and drum disposal can be underway within 48 hours of requested service.

Give Independent Waste Oil a call today, to get those old fuel tanks removed.

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